Strength in every sip.

Beyond the calming benefits and sleep aids associated with traditional herbs like chamomile, OTeas health and wellness teas can ease digestion, help regulate blood sugar, promote immunity, reduce anxiety and improve skin and bone health. If that sounds like we have super powers, that's basically because we do.


It's time for you.

Every day, you do a lot. Stare at screens, solve problems, endure long commutes, and much more. These days, when everything is loud and immediate, sometimes we forget how to just... sit. As your triangular tea bag slowly unfolds and diffuses into the hot water, clear your mind, and enjoy the tranquility that comes from mindfully blended ingredients.



Completely Senna and chemical free, our OTeatox Teas promote digestion and increase metabolism gently and naturally.

Day time OTeatox teas refresh and invigorate with lemon yerba mate, lemongrass, hibiscus, dandelion leaves, dried ginger and more. Night time teas promote sleep while gently cleansing, with rose hips, linden flowers, sumac berries and spearmint. 

Breath new life into your work day, and experience enhanced relaxation in your "me time." OTeatox Teas will do the rest.   


Wellness Teas

Better energy, stronger immune protection, enhanced recovery and all around enhanced rejuvenation -- OTeas Wellness Teas do it all. Discover the healing power of simple, historically-used ingredients, and delight at the naturally delicious flavours that result. 


The healing power of tea



Grab a cup with us.