Make space for tea.

Ethically sourced from the best tea gardens around the world, treat yourself to a selection of great tasting tea experiences, each reflecting Oteas’ passion for health and well-being.

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Discover our healthy, energising, and soothing teas.

Our attractive 100% bio-degradable, pyramid-shaped tea bags as well as looking beautiful, maximise infusion so that you can enjoy our lovely blends at 100%!

All of our teas are always made from whole leaf teas, whole leaf herbs, whole flowers and whole spices.



Infusing health.

Tea has been used medicinally for... well, ever since the first illness. Whether you could use a kick of revitalisation, need a total detox, or have specific symptoms to address - take time for yourself with our Oteatox Daytime and Nightime programs, as well as our range of Wellness teas, all made lovingly with restorative, natural ingredients. The doctor is in the house.

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For You


Real ingredients live here.

Our tea leaves and blended ingredients are left in their full natural form so that they hold onto their yummy flavour compounds and health benefits, allowing you to savour their unique freshness and fantastic aromas.