Why should you choose Oteatox?

There are many detox teas out there on the market- some more well-known than others. So why should you choose Oteatox? Well there are many reasons that you should do this.

Firstly, there are absolutely no side effects to using our Detox Tea! Yes, you read that right! No side effects whatsoever! So you don’t have to worry about the pesky side effects like headaches that other detox teas give you.

There are also no Senna Leaves present in our Oteatox. Why is that a good thing? Senna can cause people with heart problems to get worse by causing electrolyte disturbances. Due to that and other negative effects, Oteas has opted not to include any Senna Leaf in our Oteatox. We believe in making you healthier and this has influenced our decision.

The Daytime Cleanse has only 35% of the caffeine a normal cup of tea has. While the night-time cleanse does not contain caffeine at all.

The Oteatox is also Gluten free and helps to aid in digestion.

The detox helps to remove the unwanted toxins from your body which makes the entire body healthier, and helps in the cleansing of the face. It also improves circulation in the body.

Maybe the best reason for choosing Oteatox, is that it contains antioxidants that help to regulate ageing. You won’t only feel healthier but you may even end up feeling and looking younger.

Our 14-day detox includes one cup of tea using our Daytime Cleanse teabag, and one cup using our Night-time cleanse teabag.

Try our Oteatox today!