Special 14-day detox program

At Oteas, we now have a special 14-day detox program to help you cleanse your body. We offer the daytime cleanse and the night-time cleanse. You will be required to drink two cups of tea for fourteen days for the detox, one for the daytime cleanse in the morning and one for the night-time cleanse in the night, for a total of 28 bags of tea. The daytime and night-time tea bags are packaged separately and are both sold separately with fourteen (14) bags inside the package. However, if you buy both the daytime and night-time cleanse together, you will end up getting a discount.

Daytime Cleanse

The 14 bag daytime cleanse is most comparable to Green Tea. It also boasts the flavours of ginger and hibiscus among other ingredients. Our Daytime Cleanse is made up of Japanese Sancha Green Tea leaves, Herbal Lemongrass, Hibiscus and many other delicious and nutrient-filled ingredients.

Night-time Cleanse

The 14 bag night-time cleanse is designed for the night with the tea specially formulated to help you relax before you go to bed. The night-time tea enriches the tongue with the flavours of spearmint, lime and orange, the perfect combination to end your day. South African Honey Bush, Rose Hip, Sweet Orange Peel and Sumac Berries are just some of the tasty ingredients that blend together to make up your night-time detox tea.

For £8.95, you can purchase either the night-time cleanse or the daytime cleanse which sell for the same price. However, if you purchase them together (which is highly recommended), you will only pay £17.50.

Try the Oteatox 14-day Detox program today!