Detox Cleanse

In our Oteatox, Detox Cleanse, we do not include any senna leaf in our teas. Even though senna leaf has certain benefits, prolonged use has many drawbacks that are harmful. Senna leaves are well known for their aid in constipation issues as they help to regulate bowel movements. It can also stimulate bowel movements violently and unhealthily.

However, the digestive system can become dependent on senna leaf and usually functions less than effectively once senna leaf is no longer ingested.

Though Senna can help you lose weight, its drawbacks ultimately outweigh any benefits it may offer and at Oteas, we do not take chances with your health.

Senna leaf can also lower the amount of potassium in your body. This can cause you to become weak and ill. In extreme cases, senna leaves can even cause liver failure.

It does not only affect your liver however, Senna can also be dangerous if you have heart or kidney problems, hemorrhoids, intestinal problems or abdominal pains.

Taking Senna can result in feeling bloated, suffering from cramps as well as diarrhea.

Senna is also presumed to be unsafe for pregnant women.

Due to all the dangers mentioned above, the Oteatox is not affiliated with Senna Leaf because we, at Oteas, believe your health is the most important thing. We want you to be healthy and we have designed the Oteatox Detox Cleanse to ensure that you lose weight and feel more refreshed the healthy way without the harmful additives.

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