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The postman. With a delicious package of Date and Lime Tea from O-Teas.

I couldn’t wait for this one to come in. I’ve never tried date in a tea blend before. I’ve eaten plenty in my time, but never drank one! So this was going to be a completely new experience for me.

Opening the outer packaging made me even more excited, when I saw the beautiful white, cylindrical tin with its clean, sleek design.

I popped off the lid and immediately the smell of lime and lemongrass hit the air – this was exciting.

Placing one of the teabags into my mug, I notice O-Teas use biodegradable pyramid bags, and large pieces of fruit – I could literally see all of the ingredients in this blend, making it feel truly superior and high-quality before I’d even boiled the water.

Steeping the tea released even more of the intense citrus aroma and turned the water a light, mellow green colour – reminiscent of lime.

On tasting, it was like placing a dolly mixture on my tongue – never before had I tried a tea that would tackle a sweet craving just like this one would. Next time I need my sweet fix, I’m reaching for this! Much lower calorie and healthier.

Although the distinct caramel flavour of date was somewhat masked by the citrus notes, the sweetness of date really drew through.

I notice on the back of the pack that this tea can be mixed with traditional green and Black Teas. I drop a regular bag of black tea into my cup to see how it tastes – and I would highly recommend it.

In fact, it would be an ideal way to wean off using sugar in black tea (if this is how you take it) – it delivers the sweetness needed, along with the citrus notes, and doesn’t contain anywhere near the same amount of calories (or cause as much damage to your teeth) as a spoonful of sugar would.

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