Black Tea

Black Tea is known for the myriad of benefits which it provides to its consumers. One of the best things about black tea is the calming property which is possesses which allows it to provide stress relief. Like the other teas we provide, the black tea is also filled with antioxidants and helps to reduce the risk of Diabetes. It also allows you to have increased energy to go about your day. One of the most surprising benefits is that is also helps orally in that it is able to suppress a lot of the bacteria that can cause cavities.

At Oteas, we provide two types of black tea, namely the English Breakfast Tea and the Darjeeling Tea.

Our English Breakfast Tea is made of Black Ceylon and Assam Tea and should be served hot. Our English Breakfast tea can help to detox the skin and give you an overall healthier looking complexion. It can also help the skin look younger. It also helps to fight against many forms of bacteria to ensure that you remain healthy. It can also help increase the circulation of blood in the body which reduces the risk of blood clots.

Oteas’ Darjeeling Tea is the other type of Black Tea that we offer. This tea has a distinctive flavour and will probably end up being one of your favourite teas. Not only does it provide all of the benefits of regular black tea, it also boasts a wonderful aroma. Darjeeling Tea should be served hot. This tea can cause users to have a stronger immune system as like all Black Teas, it helps to fight off bacteria that threatens the body.

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