Special 14-day detox program

At Oteas, we now have a special 14-day detox program to help you cleanse your body. We offer the daytime cleanse and the night-time cleanse. You will be required to drink two cups of tea for fourteen days for the detox, one for the daytime cleanse in the morning and one for the night-time cleanse in the night, for a total of 28 bags of tea. The daytime and night-time tea bags are packaged separately and are both sold separately with fourteen (14) bags inside the package. However, if you buy both the daytime and night-time cleanse together, you will end up getting a discount.

Daytime Cleanse

The 14 bag daytime cleanse is most comparable to Green Tea. It also boasts the flavours of ginger and hibiscus among other ingredients. Our Daytime Cleanse is made up of Japanese Sancha Green Tea leaves, Herbal Lemongrass, Hibiscus and many other delicious and nutrient-filled ingredients.

Night-time Cleanse

The 14 bag night-time cleanse is designed for the night with the tea specially formulated to help you relax before you go to bed. The night-time tea enriches the tongue with the flavours of spearmint, lime and orange, the perfect combination to end your day. South African Honey Bush, Rose Hip, Sweet Orange Peel and Sumac Berries are just some of the tasty ingredients that blend together to make up your night-time detox tea.

For £8.95, you can purchase either the night-time cleanse or the daytime cleanse which sell for the same price. However, if you purchase them together (which is highly recommended), you will only pay £17.50.

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Fruiteas Date & Lime Tea from O-Teas - Tea Review Blog

The postman. With a delicious package of Date and Lime Tea from O-Teas.

I couldn’t wait for this one to come in. I’ve never tried date in a tea blend before. I’ve eaten plenty in my time, but never drank one! So this was going to be a completely new experience for me.

Opening the outer packaging made me even more excited, when I saw the beautiful white, cylindrical tin with its clean, sleek design.

I popped off the lid and immediately the smell of lime and lemongrass hit the air – this was exciting.

Placing one of the teabags into my mug, I notice O-Teas use biodegradable pyramid bags, and large pieces of fruit – I could literally see all of the ingredients in this blend, making it feel truly superior and high-quality before I’d even boiled the water.

Steeping the tea released even more of the intense citrus aroma and turned the water a light, mellow green colour – reminiscent of lime.

On tasting, it was like placing a dolly mixture on my tongue – never before had I tried a tea that would tackle a sweet craving just like this one would. Next time I need my sweet fix, I’m reaching for this! Much lower calorie and healthier.

Although the distinct caramel flavour of date was somewhat masked by the citrus notes, the sweetness of date really drew through.

I notice on the back of the pack that this tea can be mixed with traditional green and Black Teas. I drop a regular bag of black tea into my cup to see how it tastes – and I would highly recommend it.

In fact, it would be an ideal way to wean off using sugar in black tea (if this is how you take it) – it delivers the sweetness needed, along with the citrus notes, and doesn’t contain anywhere near the same amount of calories (or cause as much damage to your teeth) as a spoonful of sugar would.

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Why should you choose Oteatox?

There are many detox teas out there on the market- some more well-known than others. So why should you choose Oteatox? Well there are many reasons that you should do this.

Firstly, there are absolutely no side effects to using our Detox Tea! Yes, you read that right! No side effects whatsoever! So you don’t have to worry about the pesky side effects like headaches that other detox teas give you.

There are also no Senna Leaves present in our Oteatox. Why is that a good thing? Senna can cause people with heart problems to get worse by causing electrolyte disturbances. Due to that and other negative effects, Oteas has opted not to include any Senna Leaf in our Oteatox. We believe in making you healthier and this has influenced our decision.

The Daytime Cleanse has only 35% of the caffeine a normal cup of tea has. While the night-time cleanse does not contain caffeine at all.

The Oteatox is also Gluten free and helps to aid in digestion.

The detox helps to remove the unwanted toxins from your body which makes the entire body healthier, and helps in the cleansing of the face. It also improves circulation in the body.

Maybe the best reason for choosing Oteatox, is that it contains antioxidants that help to regulate ageing. You won’t only feel healthier but you may even end up feeling and looking younger.

Our 14-day detox includes one cup of tea using our Daytime Cleanse teabag, and one cup using our Night-time cleanse teabag.

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At Oteas, we believe that one of the most important things when it comes to tea is the taste. There are so many teas out there that promise to make you healthier but just the smell of it makes you want to gag. That is why we have our own line of Fruit teas. Specially designed to tantalise your taste buds with their amazing taste, our fruit teas come in many flavours such as Orange Ginger Tea, Berry Blend Tea, Date and Lime Tea, Apricot and Peach Tea and the Mango Tango tea.

Instead of having to drink green and black teas, our Fruit teas offer a new and ingenious solution to your tea issues. They’re tasty and healthy at the same time.

Our orange ginger fruit tea does not contain any caffeine, only the tasty mix of orange, ginger, apple and the like. Our berry blend tea boasts many forest fruits and can be had hot or cold. It also does not contain any caffeine. Our Date and Lime tea is another tasty combination tea that can be had in place of green tea and black tea. Our Apricot and Peach tea showcases the tasty properties of peach, apricot, orange and a plethora of other flavours. Finally, we have our Mango Tango tea which as its name suggests is made mainly of mango. It also contains pineapple, strawberries and orange- perfect for your tangy taste buds.

Our Fruiteas are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and an explosion of flavour on your tongue. Try some today!

Our Oteatox will help change your life....

Our Oteatox will help change your life and lead to a better, healthier you.

If you want to lose weight, there is no better way to go about this than drinking detox teas. Not just any detox tea, Oteatox 14 day Detox cleanse. This will not only help you lose weight but it will also reward you with a flatter tummy. Of course, at Oteas, we also believe in the value of exercise and the healthy diet, but we also believe in the Oteatox. The Oteatox is intended to be used as a supplement to your workout routines and diet. It will be the most effective and have the most impact when it is partnered with other healthy measures.

Another important thing to note is that Oteas detox is not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well. After drinking Oteatox, you will be able to think more clearly. It will also make you feel more energetic as it is able to remove some of the toxins from your body that cause it to feel sluggish.

It also helps you feel more rested as it aids with sleep which also helps you feel more refreshed when you wake up in the mornings.

A healthier life, leads to a happier life and at Oteas, we want to make you happy and healthy. Our Detox tea will change your life for the better, and you won’t ever regret trying this amazingly delicious detox.

For more information, contact us at 0208 207 7356.

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Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas are generally made of herbs, spices or other such material from plants. Our herbal teas will invigorate and settle your soul all at the same time. At Oteas, we offer you the choice between two different herbal teas.

Firstly, our Lemongrass, Ginger and Cinnamon tea is made up of lemongrass, ginger and cinnamon as well as citrus for all those who like tangy tastes. Lemongrass is used to help sooth upset stomachs. Ginger is used to help relieve nausea and can help relieve motion sickness. It can also strengthen the body’s immunity due to the antioxidants in ginger. Cinnamon can be used to help lower cholesterol levels. Cinnamon can also be used to help fight viruses. With these three ingredients as the main ones in our Lemongrass Ginger and Cinnamon Tea, you can see why this herbal tea is one of our best products. It is definitely one that you should try! Our Lemongrass, Ginger and Cinnamon Tea should be served hot.

Our Chamomile Flowers tea is made up of whole Chamomile flowers. This tea is caffeine free and very beneficial for your health. It is known for soothing stomach aches as well as helping to promote sleeping. Our Chamomile tea helps with stomach aches by aiding with poor digestion. It promotes sleeping by helping to soothe the nervous system. Another benefit of Chamomile tea is that it helps to promote healthy skin. Our Chamomile Flowers Tea is served hot.

With their healing properties, you should try and enjoy our wonderful hot herbal teas. You will not regret it.

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Detox Cleanse

In our Oteatox, Detox Cleanse, we do not include any senna leaf in our teas. Even though senna leaf has certain benefits, prolonged use has many drawbacks that are harmful. Senna leaves are well known for their aid in constipation issues as they help to regulate bowel movements. It can also stimulate bowel movements violently and unhealthily.

However, the digestive system can become dependent on senna leaf and usually functions less than effectively once senna leaf is no longer ingested.

Though Senna can help you lose weight, its drawbacks ultimately outweigh any benefits it may offer and at Oteas, we do not take chances with your health.

Senna leaf can also lower the amount of potassium in your body. This can cause you to become weak and ill. In extreme cases, senna leaves can even cause liver failure.

It does not only affect your liver however, Senna can also be dangerous if you have heart or kidney problems, hemorrhoids, intestinal problems or abdominal pains.

Taking Senna can result in feeling bloated, suffering from cramps as well as diarrhea.

Senna is also presumed to be unsafe for pregnant women.

Due to all the dangers mentioned above, the Oteatox is not affiliated with Senna Leaf because we, at Oteas, believe your health is the most important thing. We want you to be healthy and we have designed the Oteatox Detox Cleanse to ensure that you lose weight and feel more refreshed the healthy way without the harmful additives.

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Organic Tea

At Oteas, we boast many different types of tea and Organic Tea is just one of the many categories that we stock tea in. Our organic tea comes in five flavors namely: Tropical Delight Tea, Lemon and Rosemary Tea, South African Tea Rooibos, Lemongrass and Apple Tea and lastly, Korean Sencha Jeocha Tea.

Our Tropical Delight tea as its name suggests will delight your tastebuds. Made of banana chips, pineapple, mango, and cinnamon among other delicious flavours, our Tropical Delight tea is sure to put a smile on your face. It does not contain caffeine and is a completely organic tea.

The Lemon and Rosemary tea combines white tea, lemongrass, and rosemary leaves among other ingredients, to create a truly magnificent and healthy tea. Like all our other teas, our Lemon and Rosemary tea is there to make you healthier by detoxing your body. It is healthy with a wonderful taste. What more could you ask for?

Up next is our South African Tea, Rooibos. This tea originated in South Africa and is pure and natural. It can help soothe headaches and indigestion problems because of its positive effect on the Central Nervous System.

Fourthly, we have the Lemongrass and Apple tea. This tea contains lemongrass, apple pieces, orange peel and other ingredients. Oteas’ Lemongrass and Apple Tea is best served hot.

Our last organic tea is the Korean Sencha Jeocha Tea. This Korean tea has a slightly nutty flavour and is made up of the Korean Sencha Organic leaves.

These organic teas are full of flavour while maintaining their beneficial properties. Try some today!

Detox Teas

Detox teas are generally known as teas that can help you lose weight. However, in order for them to be fully effective, you still need to workout and maintain a proper diet. Detox teas have a lot more to offer than just weight loss.

One main reason that detox teas are so good in helping with weight loss is that they help to suppress your appetite. When you drink the detox tea, it lessens your craving for food and helps you to lose weight.

Detox teas also help aid in digestion by removing waste from the colon. This helps to reduce bloating and constipation and also helps in the overall well being of the body.

Detox teas aid in removing toxins from the body by assisting the liver in removing specific food toxins in your body. That is why after you drink detox tea, you feel a lot better afterwards.

It can also help to fight against other diseases by boosting the immune system. Detox teas provide antioxidants which help to strengthen the immune system and this help fight off bacteria and other harmful properties.

Another important benefit is that detox teas increase your metabolism so that you are able to burn fat faster (And isn’t that what we all want?)

At Oteas, we offer our very own Detox Teas in the form of Oteatox. Oteatox is a wonderful and effective cleanse that lasts for 14 days that will leave you feeling refreshed and brand new after.

Try the Oteatox Detox Cleanse today!

Green Tea

Green Tea has many antioxidants and nutrients which make it one of the healthiest drinks in the world. One of the most well-known properties of green tea is that it helps to burn fat and aid in weight loss thus helping to create a healthier individual. Green tea also helps to fight bacteria in the body and to stimulate brain cells. Another amazing fact is that Green tea can help lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. This is why we at Oteas think Green Tea is so important. It provides amazing benefits and we decided to supply you with them with additional flavours added.

At Oteas, we offer two different selection of Green tea- Green Tea with Jasmine and Oolong Tea and Ginger.

Our Green Tea with Jasmine consists of only two ingredients namely Green Tea and Jasmine. The Jasmine flavour is rather prevalent in our tea and the addition of Jasmine does not quell any of the benefits that the Green Tea by itself provides. Instead, it just adds more flavour to the tea making it even richer.

The Oolong Tea and Ginger is the next Green Tea that teas provides. The Oolong tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis Plant with ginger being added for that spicy taste. Oolong tea can be consumed for a healthier heart and helps lower high blood pressure. It can also be used to help aid in losing weight by suppressing hunger and by blocking the enzymes that help to build fat in the body. Our Oolong Tea and Ginger should be served hot.

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Black Tea

Black Tea is known for the myriad of benefits which it provides to its consumers. One of the best things about black tea is the calming property which is possesses which allows it to provide stress relief. Like the other teas we provide, the black tea is also filled with antioxidants and helps to reduce the risk of Diabetes. It also allows you to have increased energy to go about your day. One of the most surprising benefits is that is also helps orally in that it is able to suppress a lot of the bacteria that can cause cavities.

At Oteas, we provide two types of black tea, namely the English Breakfast Tea and the Darjeeling Tea.

Our English Breakfast Tea is made of Black Ceylon and Assam Tea and should be served hot. Our English Breakfast tea can help to detox the skin and give you an overall healthier looking complexion. It can also help the skin look younger. It also helps to fight against many forms of bacteria to ensure that you remain healthy. It can also help increase the circulation of blood in the body which reduces the risk of blood clots.

Oteas’ Darjeeling Tea is the other type of Black Tea that we offer. This tea has a distinctive flavour and will probably end up being one of your favourite teas. Not only does it provide all of the benefits of regular black tea, it also boasts a wonderful aroma. Darjeeling Tea should be served hot. This tea can cause users to have a stronger immune system as like all Black Teas, it helps to fight off bacteria that threatens the body.

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