We are a UK based speciality Tea Company that has a desire to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our teas are expertly blended with the highest quality ingredients, sourced from around the world, and are placed in pyramid shaped bags, to maximise their infusion.

Our teas come in 7 different ranges, each with a variety of different blends. 


  • On tasting, it was like placing a dolly mixture on my tongue – never before had I tried a tea that would tackle a sweet craving just like this one would. Next time I need my sweet fix, I’m reaching for this! Much lower calorie and healthier.
    — www.teareviewblog.com
  • Lots of teas on the market but thought I would try this one and now I look forward to 3pm every day when I have a cup of this wonderful tea. Am usually sceptical but after a cup a day for about a week, I feel really good and have made no other changes. Highly recommend you try.
    — Digger via Lloydspharmacy.com
  • I will be buying this again. A good price for a really good tasting tea and it works!
    — Sinbad via Lloydspharmacy.com
  • Bought this in store. Amazing product. Great taste and amazing value. Feeling the difference already!
    — Kyran via Lloydspharmacy.com

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